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3C, Mobile Shells, Digital Camera Cases, Jigs, Fixtures, Equipments, Golf Heads and other industries.
  1. Excellent flatness, stability and few pin holes.
  2. Big cost-down for tooling and power consumption.
  3. Reduce vibrations from processing and extend shelf lives 4~5 times for tools.
  4. Great electric conductivity and is suitable for electric equipments and electronics industry.
  5. Great strength for welding and assembling
  6. Added Value:Scraps also can be sold.
Specific Gravity
Mg. is the lightest than any other structural metals. (Aluminum:Mg.=1.5:1;Steel:Mg.=4:1)
Property for AZ 31B Mg. Plates
  1. Good Damping Effects.
  2. Extend 4~5 times than original shelf lives for the tools.
  3. High Time Effectiveness.
  4. Excellent finish & cutting surface.
  5. Big Costs down
  6. Light and easy for moving.
  7. Excellent Flatness.
  8. Great Stability.
  9. Good Alkali-resistant.
  10. Great corrosion Resistance.
  11. Great Strength & Hardness.
  12. Non-Galling.
  13. Rapid Heat Dissipation.
  14. Nonmagnetic.
  15. Added Unit Volume Yield.
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